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District Goals 2021-2021

July 1st, 2020- March 31st, 2021

Goal 1 – Empowering Communities

  • To have 50% Clubs engage in one signature sustainable project

Goal 2 -Empowering Clubs

  • To have 50% of clubs implement the District 60B Forward Programme

Goal 3 – Empowering Leadership

  • To have 100 Lions complete the Emerging Lions Leadership Institute Program
  • To have 20 Lions complete the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute Program
  • To facilitate the training of 10 Guiding Lions in the District

Goal 4 –Empowering Membership

  • To ensure that Lions Clubs with membership under 20 bring the membership to 20
  • To Challenge Clubs to retain the membership – (Lose one, add one)
  • To have 29 of Clubs increase their membership by 1
  • To have at least 24 Clubs engage in programs to improve the membership experience
  • To charter one specialty Lions Club

Goal 5 -Empowering LCIF Campaign 100

  • To have 1000 Lions become personal contributory Lions
  • To have 300 Lions pledge $100.00 annually
  • To name 6 Melvin Jones Fellows / Progressive Melvin Jones Fellows

Goal 6 –Empowering Leo Club Program

  • To increase the District membership by 25
  • To improve the membership experience
  • To ensure that at least 20 Lions Clubs engage more Lions /Leos partnership project
  • To certify one Leo clubs
  • To Develop a program for the Alpha Leos
  • To ensure that Leo Clubs with membership under 10 bring the membership to 10

LCI Global Causes


LCIF Campaign 100

Drug Addiction and Abuse

Environment and Climate Change

DG Core Areas

Cancer Awareness and Action



Environment and Climate Change

Parenting And Youth

Sustainable Empowerment

Leo Programme


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