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LIONISTIC YEAR 2019 – 2020

Lions and Leos save Sight. Since Helen Keller challenged Lions to become knights of the Blind in 1925, we have improved eye health care for hundreds of people around the world. Today 80% of vision impairments are preventable or curable, so our service is more important than ever before.

Lions and Leos screen vision, educate our communities, build clinics and support the blind and visually impaired through assistive technology and vocational training. We work to preserve.


That at the end of the Lionistic year:

  1. Each Region through their respective Zones develop a cadre of Trainers who will perform low vision screening in the communities
  2. Clubs strengthen and build rapport with other Agencies inclusive of government Ministries;
  3. Club will support, expand and compliment the work of organizations such as the Blind Welfare Associations or any such agency in their Region/Zone which are responsible for visually impaired individuals;
  4. Clubs establish partnerships with Primary Eye Care Providers e.g. Government Agencies; Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in their respective countries. This will enhance our service.
  5. Each Zone sends one visually impaired child to SPACE CAMP in the USA.


  1. Conduct Community Needs Assessments with specific focus on Vision and Blindness. This will identify the individuals at greatest risk of vision loss and the services that are needed for the blind and low vision individuals - shaping the Programme of activities for each Club;
  2. Host Training programmes for Lions and Leos aimed at improving their skills in Eye Screening;
  3. Host Seminars or Workshops on Low Vision and Blindness Prevention;
  4. Actively participate in Health Fairs. Goal: Early Detection and Sensitization on Vision to the Public;
  5. Engage low vision and Blind persons in activities such as:
    • Cake Wars
    • Walk for Low Vision and Blind Persons
    • Grocery Shopping Spree for low vision and blind kids after which everyone cooks the meal
    • Kayaking for low vision kids and adults.
  6. Clubs should engage low vision and blind individuals in activities of daily living and integration into everyday activities. Clubs must in our interaction with visually impaired persons encourage socialization!!
  7. Clubs must actively participate in Blindness Awareness Month and Worldwide Week of Service for the Blind.


All Clubs must report to MyLCI.

Reward and Recognition

District Team will recognize the efforts of all Clubs which executes activities in the area of Vision paying particular attention to projects or initiatives which are “outside the box”.

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