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LIONISTIC YEAR 2019 – 2020

1. Preamble (provides background on the focus area and its importance in the District 60 B context:

This committee will be focusing on Peadiatric, Prostate and Breast Cancer Awareness and Action:

The next generation’s ability to thrive is closely tied to the support of the local community. Lions and Leos have seen and felt the effects of cancer on children and their families, clubs should continue to bring hope through tangible service and support.

According to available statistics, 12.4% of women in the United States will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. This makes breast cancer the most common cancer among women, besides skin cancer. Most women 8 out of 10 will develop breast cancer without having a family history of breast cancer and in 2018 there were about 2,550 new cases of breast cancer in men.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men (after skin cancer) and it is often treated successfully.

In all these conditions early detection, treatment and a supportive environment saves lives. The objective of Lions and Leos in District 60B is to help raise awareness about the various cancers, and to offer support to survivors during and after treatment.

Significant Dates to keep in mind:

September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
October - Breast Cancer Month
November - Prostate Cancer Month

Objecves for Lionistic Year (what would the team like to achieve/see Clubs focusing on.) The team would like to see clubs work to raise awareness about the three cancers as outlined above, provide support, as appropriate, for cancer patients, have fundraisers to assist cancer patients (such as paying for groceries or help in other ways as necessary) and help people overcome the fear of being diagnosed.

2. Strategies (approaches to be used, partnerships etc) Strategies that can be used include hosting awareness meetings, organizing fund raising activities and provide general support of cancer patients. The Committee will Share ideas with clubs from the Lions website, for cancer awareness projects etc.

3. Reporting (outline what you would like to see in the report. Encourage use of action pictures) Reports should clearly outline the project, including partnership activities and contributions, funds raised, highlights / success factors, number of people impacted/the number of people who benefitted. Clubs should also use social media to promote all cancer related projects.

Rewards /Acknowledgements – Clubs will be rewarded for most outstanding and creative project to raise awareness about any of the three cancers in the focus areas. Those Clubs supporting the most patients and families either financially or through the celebration of life with survivors, will also be recognized.

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