Sherwin Greenidge
Sherwin Greenidge , MJF
Council Chairperson
Leslie Ephraim
Leslie Ephraim , PMJF
District Governor
Alan Alexander
Alan Alexander , MJF
Cabinet Secretary Treasurer
Denise Forrest
Denise Forrest , MJF
1St Vice District Governor

Maureen Graham
Maureen Graham , PMJF
2nd Vice Governor
Wendy La Barrie
Wendy La Barrie
Information Technology Chairperson
Louisiana Dubique
Louisiana Dubique
Associate Chair, LCIF
Shirley Quetel-Hendricks
Shirley Quetel-Hendricks , MJF
Past District Governor's Honorary Committee / DG Advisor

Valerie Gonsalves-Barreiro
Valerie Gonsalves-Barreiro , MJF
Activities Chairperson
Carla T. Wilson
Carla T. Wilson
Marketing & Public Relations Chairperson
Fenna Marilyn Williams
Fenna Marilyn Williams
Zone 3B Chairperson
Steve Prince
Steve Prince , MJF
Public Relations & Lions Information Chairperson

Dr Carlisle Goddard
Dr Carlisle Goddard , MJF
Region 3 Chairman
Ena Nosworthy-Cohen
Ena Nosworthy-Cohen , MJF
LCIF Chairperson
Leroi Ismay Hinds
Leroi Ismay Hinds , MJF
Activities Associate Chairperson, LCIF Coordinator
Norma Goddard
Norma Goddard
Diabetes Chairman

Suzette Holder
Suzette Holder
Zone 3A Chairperson
Dave Scarlett
Dave Scarlett , MJF
Region 4 Chairperson
Shonda Forde
Shonda Forde , PMJF
Leo Club Chairperson
Ian Callow
Ian Callow , PMJF
Finance Committee Chairman

Nellie Walker
Nellie Walker , MJF
District Chair for Hunger
Diana M. Angol
Diana M. Angol , MJF
GST Associate Chairperson Region 2
Vennecia Badenock
Vennecia Badenock
Zone 3C Chairperson, Treasurer
Brenda Scarlett Miller
Brenda Scarlett Miller , MJF
Zone 4A Chairperson

Alan Hosam
Alan Hosam
Zone 2C Chairperson
Delores Hodge
Delores Hodge
Zone 2A Chairperson
Davey Woods
Davey Woods , MJF
Zone 2B Chairman, Past President
International Association of Lions Clubs
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