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District Governor's Inaugural Message

Buoyed by the support that I have been receiving throughout the District, humbled by the privilege of being entrusted to lead the District in the upcoming year, expectant about the year ahead. Thank you for your confidence in me. Yet as I look ahead to the coming months it is not without a sense of somberness because of the privilege and tremendous responsibility that comes with leading this wonderful District. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

My intention is to offer leaderful leadership, you see leadership "is less about what one person thinks or does and more about what people may accomplish together" (Raelin). I offer inspired leadership , built around a strong team of leaders - a model of collective leadership at all levels - working together in partnership to make the change we all want to see. So we are moving from serial to concurrent; from individual to collective; from controlling to collaborative; and from dispassionate to compassionate leadership.

My dream is that together through our collective efforts we will achieve our objectives of increasing our membership strength and expanding and deepening our service impact. However, we cannot achieve change by being on the high ground overlooking the swamp (Bell, 1998). Now my Fellow Lions and Leos, change is achieved "in the swampy lowland, messy, confusing problems" (Schon). I urge you to join me in the messy swamp.

I humbly submit that I alone cannot change the world, but together joining hands and hearts we can "cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."

Ain't No Stopping Us Now as we offer:

Service Without Boundaries, Touching Lives, Transforming Communities.

Yours in service
Lion Denise Forrest, MJF
District Governor
District 60B

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