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Update on How Can We Help the People of Bahamas

Leos and My Fellow Lions,
We continue to monitor the relief efforts to and for our sisters and brothers in the Bahamas. We ask that as Clubs in our region we continue to keep the respective families in our prayers.

We have contacted the CDEMA representative in our area, to ascertain the MOST effective way we can assist. The general consensus is that we should give monetary contributions ONLY. Relief supplies are in abundance and at this present time, there no need to add to it.

We are therefore urging Clubs to request from its members and those who can solicit from their respective business communities, monetary contributions. We will ensure that we direct ALL contributions through the District Secretariat to ensure that all donations reach the designated recipient.

I am encouraging the respective Clubs throughout the District to reach out to Lion Eural Baptiste (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) our Chairperson for Environment and Climate Change for any additional information and or assistance.

We will continue to communicate with CDEMA and the District Secretariat of the Bahamas.

Your in service
Lion Denise

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