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District Governor’s Message in Commemoration of International Leo Day

District Governor’s Message in Commemoration of International Leo Day

Many great movements are started by one person planting the seed of an idea and acting upon it.  In 1957 in Abington, Pennsylvania, Bill Graver asked his father, Jim Graver a member of the Glenside Lions Club “Why isn’t there a Lions -    sponsored service club for young people?” That question was a catalyst for action to form a youth arm of Lions Club International.

Today on December 5th, 2019 we stand in solidarity with Leos across the length and breadth of District 60B in commemorating International Leo Day and the chartering of the first Leo Club on December 5, 1957. Sixty-two years later, Leos across the world continue to build on a tradition of service to meet emerging local and global needs.

We in District 60 B are proud of our Leos and their work in responding to the needs of the less fortunate in our societies as well as the ways in which they have grasped the opportunity to develop their leadership skills which places them in an excellent position to be the leaders of tomorrow.

We acknowledge the efforts of the Lions Clubs who have formed Alpha and Omega Leo Clubs and the Leo Advisors who have over the years worked with our youth to expose them to the best of our traditions and to open doors of opportunity for their growth and development. On behalf of the District we commend and thank you all for your service in this area.

As we pause to celebrate International Leo Day, it is also a moment for reflection   . Are we doing enough for our Leos? Do we need to rethink and refashion the way in which we execute Leo programmes across the District? What more can we do to  guide, foster and value our Leos? I think as we ponder these questions, we will find there is much room for improvement. I urge you therefore to redouble your efforts in strengthening your Leo programme, mentoring our Leos and in          building bridges of understanding between Lions and Leos. There is no way to place a price on the value of work of developing and nurturing our youth. I urge you therefore to recommit to strengthening the Leo programme as we offer Service Without Boundaries, Touching Lives and Transforming Communities in and through our work with our Leos.


Lion Denise Forrest, PMJF

District Governor

District 60 B

International Association of Lions Clubs
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