Lion Claudio Buncamper, PMJF


As we embark on this new Lionistic year 2021 – 2022

As we embark on this new Lionistic year 2021 – 2022, “Serving from the Heart with Kindness”, we can all agree that our last year was indeed a very challenging one, however, our Leos and Lions of District 60B under the leadership of Past District Governor Maureen Graham, PMJF, served our communities to the highest level and became very creative. On behalf of my Cabinet, let me thank Lion Maureen for her resilient leadership.

Fellow Lions, as our Team formally introduces their teams and plans for the year, our District will focus on the following areas as requested by Lions International >: Leadership, Membership, Service, LCIF, our 5 Global causes and my 3 core focus areas which are:

  • Risk to Club Health: While our District has been providing service of the highest caliber to our communities, we do have many Clubs that are facing challenges which have been reported on many occasions, however, have never really been resolved. With our District 60B Forward in its 3rd year, our Global Action Team (GAT) will be heading this Project for the coming year to assist Clubs in evaluating their Risk and with the assistance of our 41 newly certified Guiding Lions, Clubs will work on eliminating the present Risk they are facing.
  • Global Membership Approach: Under the leadership of PDG June McCatty, MJF, her team and the Global Membership Team will be focusing on New Clubs, Retention of Members and Membership growth. Having had a net growth of 175, I challenge Clubs to grow our District even further as more members mean more hands to serve our communities.
  • Leo Movement: As we continue to enhance our Leo Movement, there are some areas that require our attention. Various Clubs are presently either dormant, inactive or are without Leo Advisors. Our Leo Commission in collaboration with the Leo District Team will continue to focus on bringing all of the Clubs to an acceptable position for providing more impactful service. Fellow Lions, I urge all Clubs to support their Leo’s. I am a passionate believer that the Leo’s are the future of the Lions Movement. As Lions, we must embrace change and support our Leo’s.

In addition, we are requesting Clubs to communicate with our Marketing and Public Relations Team. It is extremely important that all our activities are promoted in the various media formats including our District Website. With regard to the District New Voices Program, our Team will be circulating their Plans of Action and we are asking for the participation of all Clubs.

Fellow Lions and Leo’s, we are living in very demanding times and the needs of the communities are growing day by day, however, Lions and Leos of District 60B have continuously exemplified that nothing will stop us, as we continue Serving from the Heart with Kindness.

Yours in Lionism,

Lion Claudio Buncamper, PMJF
District Governor
District 60B