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From The Desk Of Lion Diana Jordan, MJF

Dear Lions and Leos,
I am pleased to have been given the distinct honour by our esteemed District Governor Lion Claudio Buncamper PMJF to serve in the capacity of Zone Chairperson for Zone 3A for the Lionistic year 2021-2022.

Our 1st Zone meeting will be held on 14th August, 2021 3:00pm - 6:00pm at a venue to be announced.

Our International President Douglas X Alexander has mandated us to give “Service from the Heart “and challenges us to focus on four key priorities for Lions International that are critical to our mission of service:

  1. Building our capacity to serve
  2. Supporting our global Foundation, LCIF
  3. Putting our hearts into our service
  4. Communicating with our communities and each other.

Our District Governor has called upon us to ensure that we are “Serving from the Heart with Kindness”. To achieve this, he has clearly articulated his goals for Sub-District 60B which are:

  • Membership Development: Each Club would be expected to induct at least 2 new members, while keeping existing members involved and satisfied.
  • Leadership Development: We are hoping that all club officers would have taken part in the incoming officers training.
  • Campaign 100: Each member would be asked to donate $US20 to LCI.
  • Re-energize our LEO movement by exploring opportunities for membership growth and Leadership development.
  • Service Activities: Intensify our service impact by conceptualizing and executing relevant and meaningful projects in our communities.

How can we raise our service to a different level? We can do this if we remain wholeheartedly positive and give of our service. To assist in identifying the kind of service we are called to, I urge you to embrace the following service acronym - SERVICE

S – Sincerity, E – Excellence, R- Reliability, V – Veracity, I – Integrity, C - Consistency and E – Empathy.

In ensuring a higher level of service I invite Club Presidents, Board of Directors and Members to focus our efforts at:

  1. Raising the profile of our organization through effective publicity and awareness.
  2. Building our internal capacity through training to facilitate in-depth understanding of the tenets of Lionism.
  3. Attracting new quality members in order to extend our horizon through membership orientation and retention.
  4. Continuing and striving to complete on-going projects.
  5. Building trust and accountability, integrity and honesty and relentlessly displaying ethical behaviour that would promote personal development.
  6. Providing quality service at all levels - Be driven by excellence.
  7. Encouraging teamwork at all times.
  8. Recognizing outstanding performance and rewarding excellence and merit.
  9. Promoting positive relationship with relevant governmental, non- governmental and international agencies.
  10. We are aware of the impact of COVID 19 and other natural disasters however we must still endeavour to complete these goals.

In pursuit of “Serving from the Heart with Kindness” as your Zone Chairperson I promise to:

  • Be available for consultations, discussions and fellowship
  • Visit clubs at their meetings as far as is practicable
  • Attend to all other Lions business that will promote the well-being of the Zone and Sub-district and stamp the mark of Excellence on Lions activities.

Lions and Leos of Zone 3A we are fortunate that all our Region Meetings will be virtual. In that regard we should each therefore strive to attend all Region Meetings.

Let us commit to the continued development of Lionism in Zone 3A. The road to progress is always under construction - BE INNOVATIVE and strive always to ensure that in whatever we do it is done from the heart with kindness.

Diana Jordan MJF
Zone Chairperson Zone 3A