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From The Desk Of Lion Dr. Peta-Gaye Chang, MJF

My Fellow Lion and Leo Presidents,

Heartiest congratulations on your election to serve as your Club’s President for the Lionistic year 2021-2022. I am sure that you and your elected Board of Directors will do well and make our Zone proud.

It is my honour this year to be asked to serve as your Zone 4A Chairperson by our District Governor for 60B, Lion Claudio Buncamper, PMJF. I look forward to working with each and everyone of our Lions and Leos to continue to make Zone 4A the best on the District. It is towards this collaborative goal that I would like to share with you some information regarding our District.

Our District Governor’s theme for this Lionistic year is “Serving from the Heart with Kindness” and I will encourage all of you to build on the District Governor’s Focus Areas for Service which include:

  • Risk to Club Health
  • The Global Membership Approach, also known as NAMI
  • Leo Movement.

as well as International’s Global causes and Focus Areas that fall under:

  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Hunger and Homelessness
  • Vision
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Youth

As we look forward to hopefully the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in Jamaica and the rest of the world, let us give thanks to all that has been given to us, and pay it forward by continuing to do the tremendous work that you have been doing and providing service to those in need.

As we set our Lionistic calendars, I will ask for you to include the following dates/timelines for the upcoming District Governor’s Advisory Committee meetings:

  • July 24th at 2pm - 1st Zone 4A meeting (online)
  • October 24th at 2pm - 2nd Zone 4A meeting (online)
  • January 30th at 2pm - 3rd Zone 4A meeting (venue/online depending on COVID)
  • May 7th at 2pm - 4th Zone 4A meeting (venue/online depending on COVID)

At these meetings I will ask members of the District Governor’s Advisory committee, which includes Presidents, 1st Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Membership Directors (Lions), to meet with me at least one (1) hour prior to the start of the Zone meeting. At these meetings please come prepared to discuss some of the difficulties you are experiencing in your Club and our “Think Tank” will come up with best solutions/practices to mitigate or solve your difficulties. Should we need additional meetings together, it can be arranged.

“It is only when we come together that we can solve our problems and build a better Lionistic Community!!”

My Fellow members in Lionism, I look forward to a great year together and know that you can always call upon me to assist wherever possible. And if I don’t know, I will find out!

Congratulations again to you all and let’s have a fantastic year!!

Yours in Lionism
Lion Dr. Peta-Gaye Chang
Zone 4A Chairperson