Remembering the Countries Under Tropical Storm Threat

Leos and My Fellow Lions the tropical cyclone activity in the region seems to be intensifying over the last week with both Tropical Storms Jerry and Karen threatening Bermuda and US and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico respectively. Please remember these countries in your prayers...

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District Governor New Year’s Day Message

 Good Day Leos and My Fellow Lions   Welcome to 2020 – welcome to a new beginning and all the wonderful opportunities that result - welcome the new year, full of things that never were.  For the last  six months I have had the privilege to serve as your District Governor. The experience has been...

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Update on How Can We Help the People of Bahamas

Leos and My Fellow Lions over the last two weeks we have reached out to our contacts across the Region and at the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) in order to provide you with information on a clearer path on how you can help. In the meantime, efforts have started in Region 2...

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How Can We Help the People of Bahamas

Leos and My Fellow Lions over the last week we have watched the development of Tropical Storm Dorian into Hurricane Dorian God answered our prayers and the Lions in District 60 B and their family were for the most part unharmed as it passed as a Tropical Storm. Since Friday I...

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Results for the Convention Barbados 2020 Design Pin contest

The results for the Convention Barbados 2020 Design Pin contest were announced at the Mid-Year Conference in Jamaica in November. The contest was won by Leo Samantha Cumberbatch of Leo Club of Bridgetown. As stipulated in the contest, she has been awarded free registration for the Convention in May...

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District Governor's Inaugural Message

Buoyed by the support that I have been receiving throughout the District, humbled by the privilege of being entrusted to lead the District in the upcoming year, expectant about the year ahead. Thank you for your confidence in me. Yet as I look ahead to the coming months it is not without a sense of...

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