District Governor’s Message

District Governor’s Message Fellow Lion and Leos I greet you warmly and welcome you in this, my inaugural message, as District Governor of our Sub District 60B. At our virtual Convention held on Sunday, May 24, 2020, you elected me to preside over this distinguished body for the Lionistic year 2020- 2021. I must therefore express my deep gratitude to the membership for the confidence and for this I am humbled. I take the responsibility of leading this vibrant Sub District seriously and assure you that your trust will not be misplaced. Let me also at this juncture congratulate all who have been elected or appointed to serve as Club Presidents and Cabinet / District Officers. Much depends on you in this leadership role. The rich history and accomplishment of Subdistrict 60B provide us with a platform and impetus to take us to the next level. I am mindful of the threats, hardship and fears brought upon us by the advent of COVID 19. Consequently, we must refocus, re-engineer and re-tool our services and programs to be fit for purpose that we may not be found wanting or powerless in the perceived circumstance. A new paradigm shift has been forced upon us and for this we must be prepared to deliver the “WE SERVE” imperative in the new normal.

It is with a feeling of excitement and a bubbling sense of hopefulness that I cordially invite you to be an active participant in all the efforts that will give life to our well-conceived programs in the emerging environment. In order to spur us on our journey, I have chosen the theme: “Building a better tomorrow through kindness.” Fellow Lions and Leos, I implore you to dig deep in search of the fortitude and courage that will allow us to effectively deliver the expected quality service. I further call upon you to make “Empowerment” our watch word and so I challenge you to work with me as we endeavor to:

  • Empower our communities
  • Empower our membership
  • Empower our clubs
  • Empower our Service Programs
  • Empower our LCIF program Further, let us offer the underprivileged and vulnerable among us, some hope through selfless sharing; to give our support and understanding to each other; to being our brothers/sisters keeper and also creating a little laughter and pleasurable moments whenever and wherever we can.

All of which will go a long way in relieving the pressures of this challenging time.

Finally, I look forward to the year ahead and to sharing in your enthusiasm and energy, as we seek to enhance our membership experience and impactful service for the purpose of “Building a better tomorrow through Kindness.” May God’s richest blessings be upon us. Maureen Graham, PMJF District Governor - 60B

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