Nadine Bushell

Nadine Bushell , PMJF

Council Chairperson
Sherwin Greenidge

Sherwin Greenidge , MJF

Errol Lee

Errol Lee , MJF

Immediate Past District Governor, KINGSTON LIONS CLUB
Leslie Ephraim

Leslie Ephraim , MJF

1st Vice District Governor, ANTIGUA LIONS CLUB

Denise Forrest

Denise Forrest , MJF

2nd Vice District Governor, KINGSTON MONA LIONS CLUB
Juel Harewood-Parris

Juel Harewood-Parris , MJF

Cabinet Secretary Treasurer, BARBADOS CENTRAL LIONS CLUB
Corlis Weekes-Grazette

Corlis Weekes-Grazette , MJF

Associate Chairperson of Public Relations for Zone 3A, BARBADOS SOUTH LIONS CLUB
Helen Hart

Helen Hart , PMJF

Associated Chairperson Global Membership Team, CHARLOTTE AMALIE ST. THOMAS LIONS CLUB

Norma Goddard

Norma Goddard

Hunger Relief & Alleviation, BRIDGETOWN LIONS CLUB
Leroi Ismay Hinds

Leroi Ismay Hinds , MJF

Activities Chairperson, BARBADOS EAST LIONS CLUB
Maureen Graham

Maureen Graham , PMJF

International Relations
Eldridge Stephens

Eldridge Stephens , MJF

Disaster Preparedness and Mobilisation/ Centennial Service Challenge

Lloyd Barker

Lloyd Barker , MJF

Lions Quest
Wally Havertong

Wally Havertong , MJF

Budget & Finance Associate Chairperson
Ian Callow

Ian Callow , MJF

Budget & Finance Chairperson
Rawle Gibson

Rawle Gibson

Associate coordinators - Region 3
International Asociation of Lions Clubs
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