From The Desk of The District Governor 60B

Fellow Lions, Leos, Corporate Partners and Friends

The Atlantic hurricane season is still upon us and many of the islands in in our district, District 60B and particularly Region 2 have suffered from the ravages of climate change due to the hurricane phenomena.

As we reflect on the devastation we cannot help but reflect on the pain, loss of homes, loss of economic stability and regrettably, loss of life.

As Lions, our response was immediate and you my fellow Lions and Leos must be applauded. Our Zone and Region Chairpersons continue to work diligently to ensure that much needed supplies reach the affected islands and more importantly the persons who need them most.

I take this opportunity to thank you and especially those Lions, of Constitution Area 1 who attended the USA/Canada Forum in Portland, for their kind offers of assistance and their generous donations. The Lions and Leos of District 60B and especially the citizens of the islands affected by the hurricanes are very grateful for your generosity.

The recovery will require sustained assistance as persons begin to rebound from the traumatic experiences and start to rebuild. The rebuilding process will be a long and challenging for those affected islands. It is then that we as Lions and Leos demonstrate that our service makes a difference by our continued efforts to provide the relief and assistance needed.

In that regard, I urge you as Lions, Leos, Clubs, Zones and Regions to formulate ways that we can make available, support to those islands as well as engage those persons in your communities who can assist ,being mindful that Where There Is A Need, There Is Always A Lion Making A Difference In Service.

Sherwin Greenidge, MJF
District Governor, Sub-District 60B

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